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Video clips

To see what life is like in Saudi Arabia for yourself, view the following video clips. Remember to have the QuickTime plug-in installed (see below):

Video clip

Video clip 1
size: 3.32 Mb

Video clip

Video clip 2
size: 3.97 Mb

Video clip

Video clip 3
size: 3.45 Mb

Video clip

Video clip 4
size: 2.08 Mb


Here are the answers to some common technical questions:

  • For dial-up connection users, if you're having trouble seeing the video, click on the pause button and wait a few seconds before resuming play.
  • For Internet Explorer (IE) users on Windows, if no video is visible when the pop-up window opens and you're certain you've got the QuickTime plug-in installed, check the version of IE as some old versions (Internet Explorer 6 beta and Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2) have problems handling multimedia content.
  • If all else fails update your Internet browser.

GetQuickTimeTo view the clips you need QuickTime Free Player. Get it here.

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