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Useful web links for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Embassy in the United Kingdom.






The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural and educational relations. Registered in England as a charity.





The Saudi Arabian Information Resource, a Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information website, contains more than 2,000 pages of information on every aspect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.





The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia official tourism website.

For books on Saudi Arabia.




Globe photograph from NASA (earthobservatorynasa.gov website).




Online resource.




Middle East Centre Archive from St Antony's College, Oxford.




Visions of Islam, Islam through art.




National Geographic Magazine.



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To find out more about the Bedouin, take a look at:

From 'The Washington Post' website:

To find out more about Saudi Arabian cities:

A guide to the capital city, with video, IPIX and photographs:

Information on the main cities in the kingdom, from saudia-online.com:
.../travel/Major Cities of the Kingdom_files/saudicities.shtml

To find out more about Islam, take a look at:

From 'islam-guide.com' website:

To find out more about wildlife in Saudi Arabia:

The wildlife and conservation body in Saudi Arabia:

For more information about the Kingdom’s caves and geology:



For more information about the House of Saud:

Photographs of Abdulaziz, as well as many other historical photographs can be downloaded from the photo gallery: www.outintheblue.com. Gertrude Bell’s book The Arab War is also on this website. Chapter 4, describing the appearance and leadership of Abdulaziz on his visit to Basra in 1916 can be downloaded.

For more information about the landscape of Saudi Arabia:


To find out more about oil in Saudi Arabia:

This site includes an interactive guide to the world of oil, as well as an archive of historical pictures: www.saudiaramco.com

A more detailed brief on the industry in the kingdom:

To find out more about population issues in the Kingdom:

From 'AllRefer.com' website:
... /country-guide-study/saudi-arabia/saudi-arabia32.html

From 'The Washington Post' website:

To see historic and current photographs of Saudi currency, have a look at www.dhahranhomepage.com/currency.htm

Links to find out more about water:

Saudi Ministry of Agriculture and Water:

United Nations International Year of Freshwater:

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C.:

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