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Learn about Arabia

Adapt & survive

This unit of work focuses on the remarkable ways in which plants, animals and humans adapt themselves to survive in the harsh desert environment.

Teachers' notes

Saudi PhotographsSaudi Photographs
Worksheet 2.1 What is a desert?

Worksheet 2.2 Water in deserts

Worksheet 2.3 Desert plant life

Worksheet 2.4 Desert creatures

Worksheet 2.5 Mammals in the desert

Worksheet 2.6 Survive the desert

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Picture of a hot desert

Picture of a cold desert

Picture of an oasis

Montage of Saudi plants

Montage of desert insects and reptile
& reptile

Picture of a mammal

To use with
"What is a desert?"

To use with "Water in deserts"

To use with "Desert plant life"

To use with "Desert creatures"

To use with "Mammals in the desert"

See also the Desert Factfile

Photographs courtesy of John Smith, Galen Frysinger, Mark Evans, Dr Andrew Parker (University of Oxford), www.arabian-oryx.com, www.desertusa.com and Travel Photos.

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