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Saudi Arabia factfile

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National symbols – the flag, the emblem and the national anthem

The Flag

The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rectangular, and its length is three times its width. It has a green background in the middle of which is the Islamic testimony (shahadah) written in white in an Arabic calligraphy form called "tholuth". The message on the flag reads: "La Elaha Ella Allah; Muhammad Rasul Allah" which means "There is no God but Allah: Mohammad is the messenger of Allah".

Beneath the shahadah is an Arab sword, the handle of which is turned towards the direction of the flag’s mast.

The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must not be hung at half mast or touch the ground or water, out of respect for the shahadah written on it.

The National Emblem

The national emblem of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of two crossed Arab swords on top of which is a date palm. The swords symbolize strength and stamina, while the palm symbolizes vitality, growth and prosperity.

National anthem

Click here to listen to the National anthem.

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